1 Jan

Okay, so…starting this off right.  Just setting up…again, so please just humor me.  I’m a momma of four & about to embark on a new adventure…so, naturally…I thought I’d take you along with me.  I’m going to start actually recording things on this blog…I mean, really start.  I have had it for awhile, but life always leads me rabbit trailing.

I used to be a vegetarian, but when I had my babies, it was determined that my diet did not reflect enough protein by far & I was not a big fan of vegetarian options.  Since getting off the vegetable path, I have been diagnosed with Colon Cancer and Celiac Markers.  Strictly sticking to Celiac diets can be very boring.  If I’m going to eat, I’m going to enjoy it.  Chemo makes that hard.  I struggle like I never have before & day to day seems very mundane & not too flavorful.  My kids are meat-aholics.  So, with all of this…there has to be a balance.

It’s time for change.  I’m pretty enthusiastic & have some super supportive friends on my side…  I’m sure there will be ups, downs & craziness around every corner.  I’m up for the challenge…won’t you join me?

I have so many thoughts, creations, interests…I guess that’s why I thought this would be an awesome way to share them & be accountable.

Why bunnies???  Besides they’re pure awesomeness.  I just relate to them.  I can’t stay concentrated on one thing for super long & it drives me nuts to not do everything, all the time.  I will literally probably spend the rest of the night up thinking about what I’m neglecting while I restart this blog.  I will never stop learning & definitely not going to stop trying…

Love & hugs, ‘lil buns.  :0)

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