9 Apr

Okay, so…starting this off right.  Just setting up, so please just humor me.  I’m a momma of four & about to embark on a new adventure…so, naturally…I thought I’d take you along with me.  I’m going to start pursuing Paleo…I mean, really pursuing.  I have a number of reasons to follow the cleaner food path, but mostly…I’m just trying to find the right balance for myself & my family.

I used to be a vegetarian, but when I had my babies, it was determined that my diet did not reflect enough protein by far & I was not a big fan of vegetarian options in that area.  Since getting off the vegetable path, I have gained weight, frustration & a lot of depression as well.  I struggle like I never have before & day to day seems very mundane & not too flavorful.  My kids are meat-aholics.  So…there has to be a balance.

I’ve been dabbling in the Paleo world.  Researching, attending book signings & informative meetings, learning what’s allowed & what’s not, etc.  My biggest challenge thus far has been trying to upgrade my pantry & on little income.  It has been mostly difficult with the kiddos. They’ve been great at choosing pretty well overall, but the carbs & sugars add up for sure.

It’s time for change.  I’m pretty enthusiastic & have some super supportive friends on my side…  I’m sure there will be ups, downs & craziness around every corner.  I’m up for the challenge…won’t you join me?

I have so many thoughts, creations, interests…I guess that’s why I thought this would be an awesome way to share them & be accountable.

Why bunnies???  Besides their pure awesomeness, I suppose I just relate to them.  I can’t stay concentrated on one thing for super long & it drives me nuts to not do everything, all the time.  I will literally probably spend the rest of the night up thinking about what I’m neglecting while I start this blog.  I will never learn & definitely not going to stop trying…

Love & hugs, ‘lil buns.  :0)


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